Amber Wing Press - Books By Leandra Martin

Other Great Books & Authors
(Self-Published & best Sellers alike)

Ready Player One
Ernest Cline

The Inner Movement Series- by Brandt Legg

The Dragon Runes Cycle- by Trista Wilde

Numin-U'ia & Cairns of Numin-U'ia -  by A.A. Radda

Myths of the Mirror - by D. Wallace Peach

Pretty much any book by John Green 
(my favorites are Paper Towns & The Fault in our Stars)

The Hunger Games- by Suzanne Collins

The Book Thief & I Am Messenger- by Markus Zusak

Every book by Terry Brooks

The Dragon's Harp- by Rachael Pruitt

Maze Runner
James Dashner

Lord of the Rings
J.R. Tolkien

Chronicles of Narnia
C.S. Lewis

Dragonbone Chair
Tad Williams

Tell me about yours.

more to come.......

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